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Welcome to First Congregational Church in Melrose
United Church of Christ
We Are an Open and Affirming Congregation


Welcome to First Congregational Church in Melrose, United Church of Christ!

Ours is a church where you are welcome as you are for who you are and for who can become. Here you will find judgement left at the door as we celebrate the diversity of God's creation in the many paths that intersect in our sanctuary each Sunday morning. First Congregational Church is a congregation of over 275 members and we take seriously our call to bring the richness of our Protestant tradition to modern times through innovation and creativity.

Along with our vibrant Church School, two youth groups and dynamic music program, there are a myriad of ministries which are available to you as a means of activating your faith and making your discipleship tangible. We are also eager to hear how God is working in your life and what new ministry you are being called to begin in our midst.

In this world of great challenge and anxiety, I welcome you to a true wellspring of the spirit where together we embody the living Christ in a community of healing and empowerment.

See you in church,

Rev. Dominic Taranowski

First Congregational Church in Melrose is a member of the Metropolitan Boston Association in the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ.

What's New?
Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - Halloween Party!
Save the date: October 30, 2016
Annual Kids Halloween Party in the basement after Worship!

Monday, November 2, 2015 - Turn your everyday online shopping into a donation to First Congregational Church!

There are two ways that you can generate donations to our church when you shop online!

1. One way is to sign up for iGive, a free service to causes and members. It’s free, it’s easy, and every purchase you make generates a donation to First Church! 

Start by going to to make First Congregational Church your “cause”.

2. The other similar way, is when shopping on, shop via and designate First Congregational Church in Melrose as your cause. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015 - Marriage Equality Cause for Great Celebration!

The Supreme Court's decision to legalize same gender marriage in all 50 states is a victory for equality and democracy of huge proportions!  Whether one is gay or straight, this decision makes our country far more inclusive and is another expression of the equal rights that are at the heart of the American experience.

It is a source of pride to many that actualizing marriage equality began in our own state of Massachusetts over a decade ago (2004) when the first same sex marriages began to legally take place.  It is also worth noting that the movement for equal social standing for gay and lesbian people extends much farther back in the United Church of Christ.  Rev. William Johnson, the first openly gay person to be ordained in a mainline Protestant denomination, was ordained in the UCC in 1972.  This is in keeping with other "firsts" in the UCC including the first African American to be ordained (Rev. Lemuel Haynes in 1785) and the first woman to be ordained (Rev. Antoinette Brown in 1853).  These are examples of the ways in which our United Church of Christ has played an important role in bringing about many important improvements to our society.

This decision brings to 20 the number of countries around the world where gay marriage is now legal.  There are, of course, many other countries where it is still illegal and, sadly, where simply being gay is a crime.  Religiously, there are yet many religions faiths and many Christian denominations where gay and lesbian people are systematically excluded.  Consequently, while we celebrate this decision for marriage equality we continue will continue to work for equality for all people wherever they may be.

--Rev. Dominic
Thursday, November 6, 2014 - Rev. Dominic's E-Mail Address
A reminder that Rev. Dominic's e-mail address is His previous address,, is no longer a working address.

Our church participates in an on-line fund raiser with Click on the link above to go to and do your on-line shopping with any of over 600 retailers, knowing that will make a donation to the church just because you linked through this web site!

Our church also raises funds by hosting a "GOT BOOKS" collection box that you'll see at the front corner of our parking lot. When you're doing your spring cleaning, bring those dusty old books to the book box. The church receives money for those books by the pound!

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